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If you have trees on your property, you know what an improvement to your home’s appearance and overall quality they can be. You probably also know that a sickly tree represents multiple problems waiting to happen. If you have a tree, or multiple trees, on your property that look ill and you do not know what to do, contact your local tree specialist. For the best in tree health in Aspen CO, call Aspen Arborist! We are certified tree arborists with many years of experience in these situations and will know just what to do.

Symptoms like dead branches, discolored leaves, or premature leaf drop require a prompt phone call to a tree surgeon. While the cause of concern can sometimes be mild and easily corrected, there are also other problems that are more complex. Sometimes these illnesses come with a multitude of underlying causes whose remedy requires several years of treatment. If you are not sure how sick your tree is, we recommended giving us a call for a definite answer.

Here are some details ways to tell if your tree is dying and needs tree care:

Leaning Tree - This is caused most of the time due to damage and weakened roots. If untreated, the tree can fall on power lines and vehicles.

Naked Branches - If you notice your tree is not producing leaves during the right time of year, your tree may have trunk or root damage.

Loss of Bark - Bark will fall off causing holes from insects in your tree when your tree is dying. If you see bark beetles, your tree is most likely dead and requires removal before infecting other surrounding trees.

Mushrooms - When you see mushrooms or toadstools on your tree, this means that the wood is decaying or your tree in dying from the inside.

If you think your tree is sick or just want an assessment, contact us today.

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