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Aspen Arborist is a full-service tree removal and installation company our credentials include: 

ISA Certified Arborist, RM-7709AT 
ISA Certified Tree Worker, Climber Specialist, RM- 7709T 
EHAP Certification 
Applicators license 
CPR Certification 
Ariel rescue certification 
Class B CDL 
Arbor Master Traning 
Advanced Climbing and Rigging 
CO State Forest Service Intern 2009 
Participant in ISA tree climbing championships 2014 

You are probably wondering what a certified Arborist is and what do we do, right? As an Arborist in Aspen, CO, we study trees, shrubs, vines and any other wood-like plants. We go through years of training in learning how to properly cultivate, treat and manage trees.

At Aspen Arborist we know how the local climate affects different tree species’ growth, how certain species cope with different environmental factors, and, most importantly, what kind of impact a tree will have on the micro-ecosystem on your specific property. We can give you advice on how to keep your tree healthy depending on your surroundings.

In addition to educating you on your tree options, we can also continue caring for the trees that we install and the trees that are already standing on your property. If you need a tree surgeon to tend to a damaged or sick tree, we can do that. We are also tree trimmers and generally maintain trees to keep your property looking its best. Keep your property values high and yourself happy by letting us keep your home’s landscape beautiful.

Since your tree is exposed to the changing of natural elements and air pollution, we closely monitor the trees and shrubs for any symptoms and take remedial action on time. We apply growth promoters for the healthy growth of shrubs and trees in your landscape. We want your trees to be green, not brown!

We provide quality tree maintenance and can train young trees to grow in specific configurations. In addition, our team can offer the following tree services:

• Proper Tree Pruning

• Aeration

• Tree Planting and Transplanting

• Tree Removal

• And More!

For all your tree maintenance needs, contact the tree doctors at Aspen Arborist.

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